An adventure with Minimalism


I’ve tried out a few new things this year that are really adding value to my life. I’m hooked on bullet journaling, listening to podcasts, doing a kick-ass morning routine and I’ve got into Minimalism.

I always thought minimalism was just an art term for very stripped back pieces. Yet, I’ve found it a valuable ethos to follow.

I’m hopefully moving house soon, so it made sense for me to try and declutter before I moved, rather than take an enormous amount of crap with me. I’ve found The Minimalists podcast really helpful in giving out tips and advice on how to de-clutter and stay de-cluttered.

After having spent a couple of weeks clearing stuff out, I’ve already received some benefits.

  1. I don’t need to constantly tidy my room, because there is just less stuff around.
  2. I appreciate the things I already have more. My favourite things are on display and it makes me feel happier.
  3. I’m feeling much less stressed about moving, because it won’t take me as long and I don’t need to waste time finding storage solutions for everything.
  4. Selling my DVDs, keyboard, printer and other items I don’t use, has given me the cash to buy things I will use and love, like my new vinyl player.
  5. I’ve been able to bless others, for example, giving a load of Disney DVDs to some friends who have just been given the all clear to start fostering children.

Minimalism won’t be for everyone. There are some principles which everyone can get on board with such as – money spent on experiences can be way better than spending money on stuff. However, I personally find it really helpful in reducing stress, making my life more intentional and freeing up my time for a life in abundance.

I’ll  keep you up to date on my adventures when I can.


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